The Desecrated Temple

  • The Melthallow group arrives in their new bodies in Elriah. Some minor chaos promptly ensues as everyone has to get used to the merged memories and personalities. Kragor gets pissed off and obviously takes dominance over Roger’s personality as he questions everything and has a general stick up his butt. Foss and Voltaire seem more curious about the whole thing, the latter using Kragor’s armor as a mirror to check himself out. Kira’s not quite sure what to think. Fiik is creepily silent and mannequin-like. Nessa has a minor brain meltdown trying to deal with two drastically different personality types and kind of talks to herself in multiple languages while pacing to get through the mix of intellectual curiosity at the whole thing and extreme emotional awkwardness that comes from mixing a hypersexual half-devil with an eternally prepubescent bookworm.
  • Dahl and Fang appear to answer the last few questions, give a map indicating the locations of all Acelrun’s generals and their basic information.

Madge (Dewberry)
-Cleric that was warped from healing to destruction. Is very devout even in undeath and probably carries her phylactery on her person.
Chiro (Onryx)
-Was a rogue and is therefore very cunning. Will probably try to sneak around and kill off the party one by one. No doubt has hidden his phylactery.
Aegiros (Dunwich)
-Ranger, so he probably has a stash somewhere containing his phylactery.
Ivan (Ironhaven)
-Dwarven fighter, known to be stubborn and boastful so his phylactery is probably on him somewhere.

  • The last 3 (Gilv – who they didn’t kill outright because they found no phylactery, Sven and Zealra) Fang and Dahl said they’d take out themselves. After that, the group would be left to fight Acelrun himself.
  • Fang also noted on the map about a former Raven Queen temple where they would be able to find an item to locate and destroy phylacteries. Afterwards he and Dahl disappear.
  • The group starts toward the old temple and then makes camp for the night, though on second watch some undead are spotted and everyone else is woken up. Combat ensues, with Kragor setting a tree on fire to provide more light. Once all the undead are taken out, more trees start catching on fire and Kragor uses his weapons to extinguish the flames. The party gets through the rest of the night and continues on the next morning.
  • As they get closer to the temple, they see that it’s surrounded by several clusters of undead. While initially wanting to race through on his steed, Foss tells Kragor it’s best to be more discreet and not draw the liches to them. He has his steed race off away from the group to distract the hoardes and then he and Foss use Dimension Door to get to the entrance. Once the zombies are thoroughly distracted Nessa and Fiik summon their griffons and the rest of the party fly over high enough to not catch attention and land.
  • Upon entering the temple, they’re immediately greeted with large undead creatures as well as undead created from what looks to be former priests of the Raven Queen. The group plows through them and finds a hidden staircase revealed by the movement of a statue, making it obvious that something more intelligent was here to move it. They continue down in search of the object.
  • After dealing with another undead, Kagor turns the corner and is charmed by what is probably Lich!Chiro. He proceeds to attack Kira, who in turn hits him hard enough for him to snap out of it. He explains what happened and they continue trying to make their way through. Chiro keeps showing up firing spells, igniting poisonous gas and being a general asshole. Kragor finds a storage room and takes some items before Voltaire finds him and tells him the party saw where the lich went and they should follow as a group. Voltaire gets a lot of lingering injuries from his offhand attacks.
  • In the next room they fight a large hoarde of undead and the hit-and-run Chiro. Several party members are left near-unconsciousness and Voltaire’s attempt to attack a zombie attacking Kragor ends with Kragor’s achilles tendor cut by a throwing dagger and left limping. An apology attempt ends with a super-angry headbutt and the wizards trying to break them up.
  • Once emotions stop flaring, they continue through to the last room, where Lich!Chiro instantly fires a Power Word Kill and then teleports away laughing maniacally. Luckily Foss could see him and his Counterspell worked (like a BOSS). The party finds a note from Acelrun basically saying ‘Come at me, bro’. And oh, it is ON. The group searches the rest of the temple and finds…

-21714 gold pieces (divided by six: 3619 each)
-684 platinum pieces (divided by six: 114 each)
-Ceremonial electrum dagger with a black pearl in the pommel
-Silver and gold brooch
-Gold dragon comb set with red garnets as eyes
-Potion of Speed: As an action you can drink the potion to double your movement speed for 1 hour.
-Rare item – Boots of Speed: Click heels to double speed and opportunity attacks against you have disadvantage. Can end by clicking heels again. Can be used up to 10 minutes before needing a long rest to recharge.
-Scroll: Sunburst
-Uncommon item – Hat of Disguise: Wearer can disguise self changing height up to 25 percent and weight up to 50 percent. Gain a +5 check to prevent detection.
-Scroll: Thunderous Smite

The Desecrated Temple

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