History of the Plane of Elriah

In the year 512, a powerful wizard was researching forbidden magic that the King of his region had outlawed upon the young wizard’s first demonstration of its existence. He went to the King and sought an audience with him in the hopes of gaining his permission to travel to Erast to seek the Arcane Cross Guild’s assistance with his experiments and gain access to more powerful magic. In his demonstration he had prepared a symbol magic crystal that he sat on a cushion in front of the King. He asked the King if he could cast a non-hostile spell for his demonstration upon the crystal in order to demonstrate a piece of his research. Despite there being 40 people present including 20 guards and the King himself, no one has put to paper what has happened in that demonstration.

A decade passed and the man was seemingly written out of existence, except for a passage written by a traveling bard in his journal about hearing a commotion in the palace on his way to the noble’s tavern to recite his verses. Out of his curiosity the bard, Bartimaeus, went closer to the palace and witnessed a wizard surrounded in an array of colors being dragged away by palace guards. This was the first entry in the analogues of Bartimaeus the Bard, who in the realm is known for his history recordings throughout the ages. In any other book there has been no confirmed siting of this man Bartimaeus, only his books which appear in the city libraries. Some have taken his work as fact, while others as fiction. Others seem to think Bartimaeus is merely a signature for a group of historians that attempt to record the passing of time.

His book outlining the 6th century shows the wars, politics, inventions, and prominent people in each era as well as any number of other stories he supposedly came across in his travels. The problem of course is that each book he leaves is incomplete, and that each library has different sections of the books. It is the year 1502 and so far this is the summary of the scholar approved history of our plane of Elriah.

In the year 659, a new major power arose in the city of Dragontail. The local denizens lived in the mountains and very rarely came to greet adventurers or trade with the local towns. However, in this year the towns of Onryx, Erast, and Zalfari could hear the roar from miles upon miles away. Dragons had awoken.

In the year 782, Westwend mustered the strongest forces it could gather from the local towns and established an alliance against the evil that had arisen and had slowly begun to creep into its lands since the dragons had awoken. The war lasted three years to finally end with the last known dragon being slain by Grimsby’s champion Malor, a noble paladin.

In the year 976, the peace gained from the vanquishing of the dragons was replaced with a new threat. A lich was born in the depths of Ironhaven and over swept the inhabitants of the city, slowly converting them all to his purpose. With the realm being at peace for so long with minimal conflict between towns and kingdoms, none of the people were ready for this new threat. The soldiers were sluggish and the champions long dead. The people were complacent and easily frightened of change in their steady lives. The lich lord brought famine, disease, and corruption to each town he visited. The path he took was towards the West. After passing through Grimsby with his horde he was met with fatal resistance by the local avenger sect, whose deity never was made known.

In the following years unrest had developed in the towns of Zalfari, Erast, Dragontail, Onryx, and Islesbury. During this passing of time Dragontail was wrecked by Onryx, who was then destroyed by Islesbury. Erast and Zalfari formed an alliance like the one Westwend and its local cities had made in the past and united the north west under one banner. However, suddenly in the year 1501 conflict has broken out again but the central location of the chaos could not be pinpointed, because wars had broken out amongst cities on each corner of the globe. The source for these wars and unrest has not been named, even by Bartimaeus the Bard.

History of the Plane of Elriah

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