Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Dimensiony-Wensiony Adventure Linking 2 Campaigns Across Realities

A portal opened into the blood soaked forest where vampires were draining the last bits of life out of their fortunate victims, and out stepped Dahl and Fang. Fang raised a hand and called forth the necrotic energies granted to him previously by Nergal, but now came simply at his own command. Despite the vampires innate resistance to the necrotic energy they succumbed to its power and fell to the ground. Dahl with her rapier quickly dispatched the incapacitated vampires and gave to each of the victims a serum that kept them alive and on the Material Plane.

After the Nightsong group were back on their feet, Kybo noticed his friends from the past.

After catching up briefly Dahl explained that her and Fang have come back in time to fetch their friends for a difficult task that if not taken on could bleed over into their world and consume everything they love and leave it in darkness. Fang explains that he has traced back the strands of their souls to them so there is no mistake that the people gathered here today are the very same selves on the other side. He goes on to explain that what they will be doing is dangerous on many fronts and that the universal laws of nature will be against them, but it is within their power to overcome it and change what needs changed. He will open a portal into the alternate dimension, into a world called Elriah that is on the brink of destruction due to a powerful lich that threatens to dethrone the Raven Queen and eventually all of the others.

The party tried their hardest to comprehend everything being told to them and while they only understood pieces of it, the gravity of the situation was clear and weighed on them heavily. They agreed to the task and were given a map which marked the locations of the lich

Acelrun’s generals which hold phylacteries that must be destroyed in order to completely destroy him. Dahl points to three different locations on the map and says that her and Fang will take out those three on their own. They have already foreseen the outcome if they did not take those specific targets. The power of the artifact is strong but they both believe that this is its final journey and that there will be no repeats. Once on the other side they must act quickly. With a fire in their hearts and sword, bow, and magic in hand the party declared they were ready.

Fall of the Raven Queen

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